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Travel Research Online (TRO) has partnered with podcasters integrated into the travel industry’s first podcast network, Travmarket Media. Each podcast in the network engages with topics important to the travel professional community, providing navigation through the many and varied aspects of the business of travel consulting. Our goal is to align with a varied line-up of podcast styles and personalities to round out the Travmarket Media Network. We want podcasts that provide a curated selection of voices from across the travel industry and each of our show hosts bring their own mixture of spirit, humor and affection for the travel industry, articulating and giving voice to the profession. Podcasting is an exciting media opportunity for travel professionals and a logical next step for TRO. The Travmarket Media Network has as its mission “to properly represent, explain and serve the travel professional community through the various media outlets available to our audience.”

Avid Travel Host: Britton Frost
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Avid Travel With Britton Frost is a weekly podcast that takes an in-depth look at all aspects of cruise travel. The aim of the 30-minute broadcast is to empower travel advisors with knowledge that allows them to help their clients make informed cruise vacation decisions. Whether your clients aspire to the oceans, rivers or the remote destinations that only expedition ships can take them to, Avid Travel With Britton Frost seeks to bolster your understanding and expertise on all things cruises.

Mike’d Up Marchev Host: Mike Marchev
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Regardless of your desire, industry knowledge or willingness to succeed, as soon as you hang out your “Open For Business” sign you soon realize that there are a few pieces of the puzzle you may have overlooked. If it is true that nothing ever happens until you sell something, it becomes apparent that a little sales training coupled to a few consistent marketing strategies might have been a good idea.

Group Sales Power Hour Host: Stuart Cohen
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Why does the travel advisor struggle to build a profitable, scalable, valuable group business model? Because they practice outdated, ineffective and old-school methods that yield diminishing returns in today’s travel marketplace. Hosted by enter-trainer and group guru Stuart Cohen, hear the newer solutions, fresher ideas and proven strategies that show travel entrepreneurs how it’s possible to grow group sale from good to great.

Hey Travelpreneur Host: Nicole Barrett
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The Hey Travelpreneur podcast is a go-to for simple and relevant marketing tips & strategies for Travel Entrepreneurs to help them create a thriving travel business and personal brand. Nicole is the Founder of The Travelpreneur Academy and Espy Global. The Travelpreneur Academy helps Travel Agents attract, engage, and book their ideal clients using today’s marketing practices through an online learning academy, live online trainings, and in person implementation workshops and retreats. Espy Global is a representation firm with a portfolio of boutique hotels and tour companies around the world including hotels and tour companies in Europe and the Caribbean.

The Tin Lounge Hosts: Korrine Johnson & Theresa Chu-Bermudez
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The TIN Lounge is the place for travel professionals to listen to the latest Travel Industry News. This podcast is the perfect way for busy travel professionals to stay informed while getting things done. With loads of chemistry between the hosts, The TIN Lounge presents the news in a way that is honest, unscripted and authentic. Launched originally as the result of the Covid-19 standstill, the two hosts wanted to demonstrate to other travel professionals that they weren’t going through this alone. The show’s following has grown quickly and the two have snagged guests appearances by some of the travel industry’s leading advocates.

The Travel Lab Host: Nikita Brown
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Let’s uncomplicate social media shall we? The Travel Lab Podcast breaks down all of the latest in social media strategy in a light and conversational way. Successful media company Founder, Content Creator and Digital Strategist for big brands in and out of the travel industry, host Nikita unpacks new social media trends and connects the dots so travel agents can show up with clarity and confidence. On The Travel Lab Podcast, you can expect social media tips, conversations with travel industry and digital marketing experts, and actionable strategies you can start using right away to market your travel business on social media.

TRO Signal Host: Richard Earls, Lynda Phillippi and Others
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TRO Signal navigates the “inner” workings of travel professionals devoting its time to the more elusive, emotional, and psychological aspects of being a travel advisor. It’s all about the experience of travel consulting: sometimes rewarding, sometimes humbling, always challenging with incredible rewards as well as the trials, vicissitudes, and ups and downs, that are a part of the job. TRO Signal draws upon the wisdom of not only experts in the travel industry, but also from teachers and creative people outside our industry. TRO Signal explores the way travel expands our understanding of other people and cultures, reminding us of how alike we are.

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