Autism Travel in Jamaica
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In this episode, I am chatting with Francene Noel, a former attorney, and mother of two!   We talk about traveling to Jamaica with autism and how you might be surprised about how much Jamaica has to offer beyond the fabulous Beaches resorts.  In particular, we talk a bit about the sensory meeting ocean and how children with autism are more often than not drawn to water.  This episode is all about an autism mom’s journey of how to better support her teenage son while living in Jamaica which is learning more about autism but has a long way to go overall.  There is so much that is waiting to be discovered in Jamaica and while spoiler alert there isn’t really anything for families with autism outside of Beaches there are things you can do to make your vacation better.

  • First work with a travel advisor that is a certified autism professional like me. You can find me here:
  • I’ll be more than happy to help you plan an unforgettable vacation and if you are a travel advisor please reach out I’m happy to answer any questions! 
  • Talk to the property before you arrive, they may be able to accommodate you and surprise you with that accommodation!  That’s the key to everything I believe is communication.  Don’t be scared, most properties are willing to make accommodations if you simply tell them beforehand so that they can better prepare for you.
  • Don’t forget that whatever works at home works while traveling! 

Francene Noel is a former Attorney-at-Law turned writer/blogger, autism advocate, and mother of two, living in Jamaica. She is a contributor to The Mighty and has also written articles for MPeople Barbados and B3 Parenting Magazine. She has been chronicling her family’s journey with autism for the past seven years. Writing and blogging about autism has become her lifeline and has given her a new purpose – raising awareness, encouraging acceptance, and advocating for necessary accommodations. You can follow her autism parenting musings and experiences by following the links below! 

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