Richard Bryan Earls

Richard Bryan Earls

Richard Bryan Earls

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Richard Earls has spent the last 30 years in the travel industry as an agency owner, a technologist, a publisher and a writer. A serial entrepreneur, Richard has sold two of his start-up companies prior to his current projects, Travel Research Online, Voyager Websites and Travmarket Media

The publishing credits to Richard’s resume are many, including Weissmann Travel Reports, STAR Service, Intelliguide, BTP24, Voyager Travel Guides and Travel Research Online. Articles about Richard have appeared in USA Today, Money Magazine, and Newsweek as well as numerous travel trade publications. His travel articles appear in both consumer and trade publications alike. Richard is also the author of the book Up and Running - Marketing Your Services as a Travel Consultant

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    Learning Journeys-Dr. Carol Dimopoulos
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    Get To Work
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