Call Me When You Are In a “Funk”
| Duration 00:08:14 | Posted in by Mike Marchev

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Life is a sine wave regardless of your past current or future status in life, you will exhibit a life flow that will include both highs and lows. In today’s episode, Mike shares a recent phone call he had with a person who is driving himself into a dangerously low self-inflicted self-esteem which raised all kinds of red flags. A simple reminder is to remember that you did not get this far by accident and that in order to get back into the win column, you need to start accumulating small winds. In today’s episode, might remind you there is no better time to start them today. Take a listen to today’s podcast and share your feelings with Mike at

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Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev chose to take a circuitous route through the first 71-years of his life. His experiences, successes, failures and unwavering sense of humor qualify him as a guy worth listening to. Perhaps of more importance, he is a practicing practitioner you can actually learn something from.…

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