Come On In. My Restrooms Are Clean
| Duration 00:08:30 | Posted in by Mike Marchev

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Mike is going to share a true experience with you that underscores the importance of making a good first impression. Although today’s example deals with a restroom in a coffee shop, the lesson transcends all industries and most businesses. The first step is to “get them in the door.”

A second lesson reminds us of the importance of “striking while the iron is hot.” Mike will remind you that procrastination is a killer and “he who hesitates is lost.” I think you will identify with both messages today. Take a listen.

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Mike Marchev chose to take a circuitous route through the first 71-years of his life. His experiences, successes, failures and unwavering sense of humor qualify him as a guy worth listening to. Perhaps of more importance, he is a practicing practitioner you can actually learn something from.…

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