Costa Rica: Exploring Arenal Volcano & Costal Papagayo Areas
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Return guest Emma Major Schroeder recently spent time in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica is defined by very distinct geological and cultural influence.  We go into great depth on two of those regions.

For this week’s blog on Costa Rica entry requirements click here.  

Costa Rica loose podcast format includes:

  • Emma’s favorite recent Costa Rica story
  • Regional highlights for Papgayo and Arenal regions of Costa Rica
  • Property stayed at
  • Insights or tips for this region of Costa Rica
  • The bumpy journey to Arenal Area from Papagayo
  • Special geological features in this region.  Can you share them with us?
  • Accommodation expectations in this region.  
  • Taking advantage of the geography, hot springs and zip lining
  • Dining, grocery shopping and setting expectations
  • Ideal traveler for Costa Rica

Emma Major Schroeder has been featured on Travel Radio one time previously. 

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