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It became glaringly apparent this week that the majority of people today have a need to talk, share and be heard. I have always known but this week I once again saw it in action. I stopped in to visit one of my neighbors (90 years old) and in twenty minutes I think I might have said five words. There is a good chance that you know a handful of people like this.

Referring to another neighbor Bob Chamow, I still don’t know much about him. He knows a lot about me. This week I try to remind you how easily you can position ypourself as the “go-to source” by simply getting away from you”and begin focusing on your audience. Bob was a successful salesman in his day there is no doubt.

This may sound absurdly simple but trust me, it is not. Asking questions is a valuable skill; one which will pave your way to professional salesmanship with litle question or need for apology.

My four word sales mantra is all you need to guide and fuel your forward progress. GET OTHER PEOPLE TALKING.

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