Ironman 70.3 Lessons
| Duration 00:10:25 | Posted in by Mike Marchev

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In this weeks podcast Mike is going to share with you a few lessons he learned while competing in the Gulf Coast 70.3 Ironman Triathlon competition. The good news is that Mike finished the swim and the bike elements of the race at age 72. The bad news is that severe cramping coupled with muscle knots prevented him from finishing the race. In racing lingo this is referred to as DNF, or did not finish.

The two lessons Mike will share with you today involves (1) proper training and (2) the importance of replenishing lost calories. He specifically reminds you that you are in a daily endurance race of your own and it is imperative that you to treat yourself accordingly. I think you will enjoy today’s episode.

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Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev chose to take a circuitous route through the first 71-years of his life. His experiences, successes, failures and unwavering sense of humor qualify him as a guy worth listening to. Perhaps of more importance, he is a practicing practitioner you can actually learn something from.…

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