Project Expedition’s founders and their company culture
| Duration 00:41:27 | Posted in by Richard Bryan Earls

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Our current theme is Resiliency, and in this episode Lynda speaks with Project Expedition’s co-founders and we discuss the way they’ve been able to stop, drop, and regroup very quickly during this most unusual year. In addition to refunding client money within days at the beginning of the shutdown, they’ve spent the year developing new products and services, including a comprehensive shore excursions platform. They’ve kept the team together (working remotely) and they’re years ahead of their own schedule due to the unexpected time they’ve had to be creative. 

Rob Keen is a Co-Founder at Project Expedition, a platform where travel advisors can book over 20,000 tours and excursions in destinations around the world. Based in New York City, Rob currently leads the Sales, Business Development, and Technology teams at Project Expedition. Previously, Rob spent seven years at Bloomberg in London. 

Jeremy Clement is a Co-Founder at Project Expedition, a platform where travel advisors can book over 20,000 tours and excursions in destinations around the world. Based in New York City, Jeremy currently leads the Customer Experience and Marketing teams at Project Expedition. Previously, Jeremy spent seven years at Bloomberg, with long-term assignments in their New York, London, and Tokyo offices.

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