The Times Are Changing
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You will be the same person you are a year from now except for the people you hang out with and the books you read. Bobby Dylan sang it in the ’60s and it is just as true today. If you don’t start swimming you will soon sink like a stone. Is it time for a little “change?” You bet it is.

Speaker 1: Bob Dylan. We all know Bobby Dylan. He wrote back in 1964. I was gonna have a quiz I thought I was gonna pop up is a quiz, but it didn't

Speaker 1: come Gather round people wherever you roam and admit that the waters around you admit that what's going on around us has grown. Accept it

Speaker 1: that soon you'll be drenched to the bone. If your time and your business and your life and whatever is you've been doing is was saving,

Speaker 1: then you better start doing something or we're gonna say I'll see you later, OK? That was my rendition of Bobby Dylan's

Speaker 1: song. The Times They are changing.

Speaker 1: And that was said back folks than 19

Speaker 1: 64. I mean, that's a lot of years ago, And that sentiment, uh, could be said today. I mean, the time. So we're Aziz. One of our members talked to me earlier today on the phone

Speaker 1: that we're getting tired of it. We're getting you know, this is some January, Fred were, and this is already August coming in August, and all right already, But but things are still in some flux. Okay? And according to ah, Dr Fauci, today says, You know, we're right in the middle of it. It's not the end. It's not over yet. But what's happening?

Speaker 1: It's not over yet. But what's happening is that we're starting to lose interest in this thing way. We gave it our best shot. We said, OK, we're gonna clean the closet. We're gonna do work the database. We're gonna clean a garage and do all this stuff. What? It spent seven months, for heaven sakes, and we're getting tired of it.

Speaker 1: We're getting tired of it,

Speaker 1: and I don't. And some of us are getting scared, maybe continue to get scared Or maybe more scared. I don't know.

Speaker 1: The point is, is that it's not time to quit yet.

Speaker 1: Okay, it's not time to quit. And as I was reminded, um,

Speaker 1: as I was reminded earlier today, the mind quits first. Okay, You're gonna wanna you're gonna wanna hang up your spikes and appears cause I'm tired of it. Sometimes. Had enough of this entire tourism tried everything. Nothing works I'm tired of Nobody wants to talk to me. Nobody wants to send me back my emails. Nobody answers my phone calls. Nobody wants to do anything with me anymore.

Speaker 2: Here's what the story, folks. We have to deal with the reality of what

Speaker 1: it is we're facing. And the reality is we are still in

Speaker 1: a quandary. Okay, I was gonna say I'm mess, but were in a quandary. So the question is,

Speaker 1: what are we gonna dough? That's the question, is is we can we can quit. You can quit your gun folk up your tent. That's okay. Gave it my best shot.

Speaker 1: Reminds me as Karl was saying in a marathon, Karl And you know, what I'm gonna be talking about here is that that you prepare and you're excited and the gun goes off and you're running and it's 26 miles and you're going to run and you're in training and you ate and your training. Then you lifted weights. You did everything right.

Speaker 1: But

Speaker 1: after about 16 miles, but you hit what is

Speaker 2: called the wall

Speaker 2: but wall

Speaker 1: and for the 1st 16 miles you trained, this is a good deal. Here we go. 26 miles and other son band

Speaker 1: You get smacked in the head and your body says I've done I've had enough of this thing called America who needs a marathons had enough? Well, I think many of you folks are out there.

Speaker 2: You hit the wall,

Speaker 2: we not, You know, we think we've hit the wall

Speaker 1: and and there's any marathon or any athlete knows is you got to get through that wall. You got to get over the hump. You got to get over the hurdle and you can get over the hurdle if you keep going. But the mind says, OK, I can't do it The mind says I've had it, I'm done, I'm done. I'm quick,

Speaker 1: the mind quit first.

Speaker 1: Both

Speaker 1: I've

Speaker 2: always said there's two kinds of people people you can helping people you can't help. Okay, you've

Speaker 1: got that till you're ready to throw up, okay,

Speaker 1: But there's also two more kinds of people,

Speaker 1: and that is the kinds that hit the wall and stop

Speaker 1: were the kind that hit the wall and say, Hey,

Speaker 1: this is who I am

Speaker 1: and this is what I do

Speaker 1: And it's funny, I should just that just crossed into my mind because

Speaker 1: I say that to myself. The other day I was a 40 mile bike ride and I was going up these hills up here in a country that's still not not there, that's not a help. That's not help. That's the hell right there. That's the help.

Speaker 1: And your legs are burning and your lungs are burning. And I said to myself, This is who I am

Speaker 1: and this is what I do

Speaker 1: And that's to me. You might want to write that down. It gets us through the tough times. This is who you are. And this is what you do when the, you know, Israel saying cliche, I've heard 1000 times when the going gets tough, the tough get going Well,

Speaker 1: times are changing, folks. Don't compare it the last year. Don't compare it the five years ago This is a brand new ballgame. This is on, There's no rules Brand new ballgame

Speaker 1: and the times have changed. And now are you gonna swim or you're gonna sink like a stone. There is the question right there and your choice, not mine. Your choice

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