Where Has All The Service Gone?
| Duration 00:06:13 | Posted in by Mike Marchev

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A few of you might take exception to today’s message, but this is the world as I see it, and I’m personally endorsing this week’s message. In addition to reminding you that a brand new slate is about to be placed in front of you. You can rewind, re-energize, and re-focus your attention and all the good you were about to do in the year 2024, or youi can lament the past.

I am also going to share a recent customers experience I had this week with a local Verizon store, which may or may not surprise you. I should not have been surprised, knowing that customer service in our country is going the way of the “perfect game” in baseball. If you need a clue, the perfect games, are far and few between. (No hits, no runs, nobody reaching base.)

You are in total control of your future, and way you handle yourself in the eyes of your potential clients lies entirely in your hands … and with your actions. My advice to you as you swing into 2024 is not to blow the many opportunities that are about to come your way.

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