Language Immersion: Take a Language or Cultural Retreat!
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Take A Vacation, Take Home A New Language

Therese Lafleche created her language retreats to be efficient in time and value for your monetary investment. She credits their success to a combination of fun, relaxation, time and immersion. You will be out of your everyday life routine in a space with no interruptions, no rushing off and more importantly not allowing time to go by before the next lesson. There is nothing more frustrating than starting a lesson only to realise you have forgotten half of what was learnt the week prior. These retreats don't allow for that. The speed of learning and understanding increases each and everyday as there is no time to forget anything.

Instead Therese creates a nice relaxing environment to just concentrate on the language and have fun! Basically, it's a vacation where you would walk away with improved language skills as a bonus. Everyone will be learning everyday expressions that they probably would have never covered otherwise. The goal is to have so much fun that you don't realise you are learning every minute of the day.

Theresa hopes for a chain effect in learning. The more students learn, the more confident they are. With confidence comes more practice. The more they practice the more they learn…

Often the progress we make in one week, is similar, if not better than the progress made in a year of once a week lessons. Hopefully, after the third day participants will be thinking, even dreaming in the target language.

Therese believes this style of learning is powerful and something I think everyone needs to experience!

Special Guest: Therese Lafleche.


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