Part Two of Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic, Attire and Entertainment
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This is episode two of a four part series on a translatlantic crossing on this Queen Mary 2. The first episode featured embarkation from NYC and the children's programming. On this podcast Megan and Joe talk about the dress code and entertainment.

Also in the show Megan thanks Bright Bear Technologies for solving her technology woes. They are a shining star in the blackness of the interwebs space cosmos!

Additionally, Megan gives updates on many of the 2018 trips her guests are hosting and where to find their information. (Pssst – they are selling out fast! I'm not even getting paid to tell you, you're welcome.)

Special Guest: Joseph Chapa.


  • Bright Bear Technology — Megan endorsed technology company! They make your technology work so you can do what you are good at. Snippet below from their website.

    Bright Bear Technology Solutions, Inc.
    184 Technology Drive #200, Irvine, CA 92618
    tel:949.988.7988 | fax:949.954.8592

    We don’t know…

    how to file a subpoena, design an air conditioning system, or safely land a jet.

    Our customers do amazing things. Our job is to make technology work for them.

    Some technology vendors would like you to believe that the knowledge they have about computers and networks makes them very, very special. We don’t understand this approach. The way we look at it, you’re good at some things, and we’re good at other things, and that means we should be friends.

    When you’re looking for an IT managed service provider, it’s worth considering the tools and methods that they use (we are definitely proud of ours) but make sure you also meet some of the people who will be supporting you. We think you will find our technical competence and lack of arrogance refreshing.

    We help people support, acquire and defend technology. That’s the thing that we’re good at, but it’s not the reason why we’re good at it. It’s not the blinking lights and SQL queries that drive us. The reason why we get out of bed in the morning? It’s you. We hope it shows. Thanks for visiting our website. Let us know if we can help.

    At Bright Bear we use technology to move information to help people.

  • Travel Agent Interview Facebook Page — Go to the calendar to see what’s coming up in 2018. These are actually selling out, so if you heard an episode where you wanted to get on a trip – don’t hesitate to deposit!
  • Travel Radio Podcast – YouTube — Travel Radio Podcast is on YouTube! Please like and subscribe!

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