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Live from Dublin Cathy Whelan joins me to talk about St. Patrick the man, the legend, the live events and highlights of the week’s activities. Watch over at Travel Radio Podcast of FB for the live interview!  Additionally, sign up for the newsletter for our live tour with Cathy coming up shortly!

2021 St. Patrick’s Day Festival

This year’s theme – “Duisigh Eire” – Awaken Ireland

The St. Patrick’s Festival broadcasting globally Friday 12th to  Wednesday 17th  March, 9.30 am – 10 pm

With more than 100 events – music and dance, food, literature and art to virtual tours, sustainability and politics, Yoga for kids and puppet making 

St Patrick’s Festival website

Home | St Patrick’s Festival (

The full programme of events

day by day listing.indd (

On Irish TV Station online – RTE  

St. Patrick’s Festival 2021 – watch SPF TV live (

Suggested Highlights Day by day

Friday 12

10am The Book of Kells and Old Library Exhibition at Trinity College Dublin

12pm The Hill of Uisneach, the Sacred Centre of Ireland

14:00  A History of Irish Food with Tadgh Byrne – Follow up sessions daily

14:30 – 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour

Saturday 13

10:30 Sean Nós Dance from Connemara with Emma O’Sullivan Episode 1

13.45 The Cobblestone Sessions– available each day

18:15 Irish Legends with storyteller Eddie Lenihan – Episode 1 Lee Bán & The Strange St Patrick’s Curse

Sunday 14

10:30 RTÉ Virtual Parade: Spraoi Prop Making Workshop

17:35 Irish Legends with storyteller Eddie Lenihan Ep 2 How The Faeries Came to Be

Monda y 15th

14:30 Irish Architecture Foundation: We Built This City – New York

16:00 RTÉ Virtual Parade: Cork Puppetry Company – How to Make Props Like a Pro

Tuesday 16th

12:00 Oscar Wilde Walking Tour

Wednesday 17

12:10 Dúisigh Éire! Awaken Ireland! A Very Special St. Patrick’s Day Pageant Performance

15:05 The Saint Patrick Show – A Musical and Visual Tale from Ancient to Modern Times

16:00 Guinness in the Liberties Walking Tour

20:00 Barróg Lá Fhéile Phádraig from Whelans, Dublin

20:55 Solas: Animating Ireland – Lighting Spectacular

21:00 Soulé – Performs at The Complex, Dublin Adult Content

21:30 The Orchestra of Light

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